General Questions

What is Indoor Hoops?
Indoor Hoops is an indoor pick-up basketball network with locations throughout New York City. You have the ability to setup a profile, pick the location, date & time you'd like, reserve a spot, pay & play!
Are there membership fees?
No. The level of commitment is up to you. We recommend playing at least once a week so that you have a solid foundation and fitness level, but you can play as much or as little as you want.
How much does this cost?
Each game will cost a certain amount of credits (1 credit = $1). This amount depends on the game format, location & date. This range will be anywhere from 7-20 credits.
Can I bring people to the courts?
No. We ask that only registered participants show up to the courts. Security will not allow anybody into the gym without being on the list and without valid picture ID. If you want to bring your friends just send them your game details and have them sign up and reserve a space.
Are there age limits to play?
Participants must be 18 years or older. There is no maximum age, but we ask that you incorporate your age & fitness level in your Skill Level selection.
I've got skills, but I haven't played in ages. Is that ok?
Of course! We encourage you to shake off the rust at Indoor Hoops. We just ask that you fairly assess your Skill Level based upon your current self, not circa 1998.
What if I have a large group?
If you have a corporate group or a bunch of friends who want to play together, you can either have all the players register and make individual reservations or e-mail admin@indoorhoops.com with your request.
Can women play?
This is currently a Men-only group. If you are a female, please voice your demand by emailing admin@indoorhoops.com. If we receive enough complaints, we will make the necessary changes.
Why isn't there a location closer to me?
Unfortunately finding indoor facilities in New York City is quite difficult. Email admin@indoorhoops.com with your info and we will do our best to find a location close by. Even better, let us know of an indoor facility that we could use!
What if there aren't enough players?
Once it is 48 hours to the start of the session and we don't have the minimum amount of players to proceed, we will send an e-mail notifying all the players. Indoor Hoops will then try to fill the empty spots. If we are unable to fill the game within 6 hours of the session start time, we will notify and refund the credits for the session.


How do I get into a game?
You need a picture ID. Every Game Manager will have the session roster. Show your ID and you're in.
How long are the games?
Each session will be either 60 or 90 minutes. On average you can expect to play 4 games per hour.
Can I make sure that I'm playing with my friends?
We are working on setting up a "buddy" system, but for the time being you can send an e-mail to admin@indoorhoops.com and tell us who you want to play with. As long as the other player has a reservation for that session we will make note of the request.
Without refs are the games supervised?
Each Location will have a Game Manager present to make sure that everything is running smoothly.
Why are there extra players?
Each session will have a maximum amount of players, either 8, 11 or 14 depending on the game format. If a session completely fills up the extra players will rotate in and the losing team will rotate players out. We determine which players on the losing sit out by shooting free throws. As if you were at the park.
How many games are in a session?
It will vary depending on the game flow and how well everybody is shooting. On average you can get 4 games in an hour.


What if I want to cancel my reservation?
Here is our Cancellation Policy: If a player cancels a session within 48 hours of placing the reservation, and it is at least 48 hours prior to the session start time, that player will receive a full refund. If the cancellation occurs after the 48 hour window of placing the reservation or it is┬áless┬áthan 48 hours to the session start time, that player will receive a 50% refund. If a player cancels with less than 24 hours till the session start time, that player will receive a 50% refund the first offense. A repeat offender will receive no refund.  
How do the refunds work?
Refunds are credited back to your Indoor Hoops account, not to your credit card. If you decide to cancel a reservation and you are entitled to a refund it will show up on your Credit Balance in the Billing & History tab.


Why should I save my credit card information for future use?
Here is why - Say you are playing some riveting basketball. You are in the zone, but alas time has run out on your session. As long as there are open spots in the next session and you have your credit card info in your Indoor Hoops account, the game manager will let you "roll-over" into the next game.
Why do we need to enter a skill level?
We want to make the competition level, so we ask that all players honestly put down an accurate Skill Level rating. Make sure to look through the Skill Level Rating chart upon registering.
Can I purchase credits in advance of making reservations?
Yes, and we recommend it. You have the ability to purchase extra credits (Billing & History tab), which will be stored for your future reservations. This will also save you from having to checkout for each reservation.