Ball for All

IndoorHoops was founded in 2011 with one objective: to bring people together through the game of basketball without the rigidity and pressure of gym memberships and league play. With the unpredictability of modern life we wanted to offer games when and where works best for you.

Over the years we have cultivated an amazing community of basketball lovers who play hard every night and respect the game. Every time you come to an IndoorHoops session, you are guaranteed to have a good run, a killer workout and to spend time with a great group of players. This is what we call “BALL FOR ALL” and that mentality is what drives us to offer the best basketball experience available today.

Giving Back

Teamwork is an integral part of hoops, so in addition to “ball for all,” IndoorHoops, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, is also about assisting within the community. With every game you play, you are helping us with that mission.

The Anatomy of an Indoor Hoops Credit:

Gymnasium Fees

This allows us to reserve the court

Administrative Fees

This keeps our lights on

School Donations

We make donations to all the schools we partner with, which goes towards school supplies and facility upgrades

Charity + Basketball

We help organize & sponsor various charity basketball tournaments