Q: what is Indoor Hoops?

A: indoor hoops is an indoor pick-up basketball network with locations throughout NYC, South Florida and more to come. you have the ability to set up a profile, pick the location, date & time you’d like, reserve a spot & play! Oh and don’t forget to bring your kicks.

Q: how do you become a member? and how much does it cost?

A: with a few clicks of the mouse you can become a member. see for yourself. membership is free, and the level of commitment is completely up to you. we have some members who play twice a week and others who play twice a year (not recommended; recipe for a pulled hamstring).

Q: how much does it cost to play?

A: each session (game) will cost a certain amount of credits (1 credit = $1). this amount depends on the game format, location & date. bottomline, it can cost anywhere from 7-20 credits.

Q: can i bring people to the courts?

A: no. only indoor hoopsters who have a reservation for the session will be allowed into the gym. security will not allow anybody into the gym without being on the list and without valid picture id. if you want your friends to come just email/tweet them your game details and have them sign up.

Q: is there an age limit

A: participants must be 18 years or older. there is no maximum age, but we ask that you incorporate your age & fitness level in your Skill Level selection

Q: how do i know which skill level to select?

A: when you first register there is a skill level range chart that associates a number to a specific set of skills. you can see the chart here, and if you have any questions email info@indoorhoops.com.

Q: what if i have a large group?

A: if you are looking to book a private rental (corporate group or just a bunch of friends who want the gym to themselves), you can fill out a form here, or email admin@indoorhoops.com

Q: can women play?

A: sure thing. just keep in mind your height/weight when picking your skill level.

Q: can i just show up and pay cash?

A: nope. in order to be on the list, you need to make a reservation via the website. we take all major credit card and use a secure shopping cart.

Q: what if there aren’t enough players

A: almost all of our sessions sell out, but in the case we are short players, you will receive a cancellation email notifying you of the cancelled session. an automatic refund of credits will be placed into your account.


Q: how long are the games?

A: a session is usually 120 minutes. all games are to 7, straight.

Q: how many games are in a session?

A: depends on the game flow and how well everybody is shooting, but on average you can get 4 games in an hour.

Q: how can i make sure that i’m playing on the same team with my buddy?

A: as long as your friend has a reservation for the same session, you can just let the location manager know that you’d like to start off playing together. however just remember this is pick-up basketball. there is always a chance you can get split up at some point in the session.

Q: are there refs?

A: no, you call your own fouls. this is pure pick-up style basketball. just remember to “respect the call”. also, there is no “and-1’s”. you must call an actual “foul” and the play will be stopped and the basket will not count. if you want continuation tryout for the nba.

Q: so there are more than 10 players at a session? how does that work?

A: each session will have a maximum of 12 or 15 players (depending on if the session is 4v4 or 5v5). for example if there are 13 players at a session, the first 10 will shoot for teams, and the last three players to show up will “get next”. those players will rotate in and the losing team will rotate players out. we determine which players on the losing team sit out by shooting free throws. players have the ability to match the free throw.


Q: what if i need to cancel my reservation?

A: here is our cancellation policy: if a player cancels a session within 60 minutes of placing the reservation, and it is at least 120 minutes prior to the session start time, that player will receive a 100% refund. If it is at least 12 hours prior to the session start time, that player will receive a 100% refund regardless of when the reservation was made. if the cancellation occurs after the 60-minute window of placing the reservation and it is between 6 and 12 hours to the session start time, that player will receive a 50% refund. if a player cancels with less than 6 hours till the session start time, that player will receive a 50% refund the first offense. a repeat offender will receive NO refund.

Q: how do the refunds work?

A: refunds are credited back to your indoor hoops account. the credits can be used for any future reservation and will not expire. if you would like the refund to be placed back to your credit card, please email admin@indoorhoops.com.